Stand-up Comedy for Corporate Events (in English)

I offer stand-up comedy shows cut out for the needs of corporate events.

At integration meetings I tell only clean jokes. I do not swear. I do not touch controversial topics – no politics or religion.

I am aware that nowadays companies hire people from all over of the world. That’s why in my shows I frequently joke about stuff that many foreigners living in Poland can relate to. I talk about travel, learning languages and many different types of culture shocks.


Firstly, I would like to present some of my recordings in English. They were recorded in different pubs.

In those clips you can hear me sometimes dropping the „f-word”. I guarantee that at your corporate event it will not happen :)

Secondly, I would like to one recording in Polish. What’s the logic behind that? It was recorded on Comedy Central. I post it to demonstrate that I’m a professional, experienced and … comedian.

About Me

I have been doing comedy for fifteen years including sketch comedy, improv and stand-up.

I have performed at pubs, theaters and done dozens of corporate events. I performed in Kraków, Warsaw, Budapest and Berlin (and looking forward to adding other capitals to my portfolio).

Here is my simplified career path:

  1. I first started out performing as a member of Kabaret PUK („kabaret” in polish for some reason means „sketch comedy group”). With that formation I won several awards from Polish comedy festivals and showed my face a couple of times on the public TV.
  2. For a few years I was a member of Grupa AD HOC – one of the first improv comedy ensembles in Poland. During the years with that group I honed my skills of working with crowds and creating jokes from scratch.
  3. For the last ten years I have focused mostly on stand-up comedy. I perform it in Polish and I am a regular at English language shows in Kraków.

My Language Level

I frequently ask the audience what they think about my English level.

They usually say it is somewhere around B2.

So let’s stick with B2. I speak B2 with a strong hint of Transylvanian accent.

About the show

The base of my show are battle-tested monologues that I have told on stage many times. I talk about traveling by plane, learning English and about people that sell potatoes on the streets of Kraków.

Between prepared bits I chat with the audience and build on my routine with some improvised jokes.

Length of the Show: 30 minutes


I recently started gathering reviews from audience members and organisers. First of them are embeded below.

Mail Me!

Interested? Want to know how much the show costs? Write to me (in Polish or English). You can copy my e-mail address or use the contact form below.

In your e-mail please specify some basic details about the event – for example date and localisation.

Sprawdź ofertę występu z żartami na temat branży. Stand-up na imprezę firmową